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I am writing about my recent experience at the River North location in Chicago. I have been to Ruth's Chris many times for birthday celebrations and work functions.

I have always had great experiences. There is no denying that the food is amazing and the atmosphere is impeccable when dining at a Ruth’s Chris establishment. A close friend and I decided to do a late dinner and chose your restaurant. We both were dressed casually in jeans, gym shoes and sweatshirts.

However, it was our first outing in a long time, so we decided we wouldn’t let our attire interfere with a great night. When we walked into the establishment, we were greeted by two young female hosts. We were asked if we wanted to sit at the bar and I promptly said no that we wanted to dine in. I honestly found it odd to have the choice of the bar when there clearly were people still dining in.

We were then sat down in the dining room, located behind the bar. My friend again suggested to me that we were not dressed up enough and verbalized this in front of our hostess. I nodded and dismissed the idea. However, within minutes we were approached by the Manager, Jeanine Cruz.

She said that she would need us to leave because of an "odor" coming from one of us or both of us. She didn’t explain what the “odor” was just that one of us or both of us had an “odor”. I remember looking over at the table sitting closest to us and saw the look on their faces. To say the least, I was completely mortified.

I had no idea what was going on, yet I didn't want to make a scene. The next thing I did was simply ask for the manager’s name and if I could have her business card. Once I got up and walked towards the door, I noticed some of the patrons were looking at us as we walked out. The next day, I called your establishment and spoke with Eric Scofield and shared my experience.

He began to explain that if someone is in the establishment and "has body odor, cigarette smell, perfume or drugs, we ask them to leave". He went on to apologize for the manager’s handling of the situation, but didn’t give a clear explanation of what the “odor” mentioned was. I will start by saying, I bathe frequently, I wear light perfume occasionally I do not use drugs, nor do I smoke . I have been employed by Chicago Public Schools for over 15 years and take my profession seriously.

My companion may occasionally smoke cigarettes, but that in itself doesn’t warrant being denied in an establishment for dinner. I have witnessed many of your patrons smoking outside the establishment and entering. Prior this incident, I was dining in at Ruth's Chris with my mother in law, who is quite a heavy smoker. I remember how she went outside several times to smoke with no problem.

So my question is , why were we singled out on this particular night with no real explanation given as to why we were asked to leave. The “odor” that was claimed to come from us was never explicitly described; was it cigarette, body or perfume odor? There were a few other patrons that entered the same time as us, how can one determine for certain that an “odor” came from myself or my companion? It is apparent that your odor policy appears to be flawed and quite arbitrary.

This type of policy is one that can make a patron feel discriminated against. I’m sure that this is not how Ruth’s Chris wants to be recognized as, however that is exactly how we felt. We spent the rest of the night reflecting on the experience and I can say I have never had something like this happen.

Ever. My hopes are that those at Ruth’s Chris will reflect on this incident and work to make all customers feel welcomed regardless.

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Face it: One of you smelled badly and someone had complained because it was bad enough to warrant a complaint. No business if going to turn away paying customers, just for the fun of it.

As far as the question of did you want to sit at the bar, that is not an uncommon question. Every restaurant I had the misfortune of working at during college asked customers that same question.

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